"Art is a connection state that uses the ingredients of existence to unite the worlds of possible with those of impossible."


Lorenza Cavalli

Lorenza Cavalli graduated in painting at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where she currently lives and works.

During her academic education she was chosen as the sole artist for a large Nautical Art project for which she painted over sixty works appreciated by the most illustrious protagonists of the of the sailng world.

She obtains a scholarship at the Center of Contemporary Art Villa Arson in Nice and an artist's residence at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

Inside her atelier she opens a space for interaction between arts and various disciplines, aimed at the expression and enhancement of talents.

Her works are now present in Italy, France, Switzerland, Holland, Russia, United States, India, China, Brazil, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

P o e t i c s

The foundation of my research concerns the alliance between visible and invisible dimentions.

Believing that technique is not a way to look back but, on the opposit, is an added value useful for achieving important and innovative creative goals; the figurative painting, which characterized the first part of my production, offered me the opportunity to walk on the borderline between the material and the immaterial dimension.

From the subject of these paintings comes my interest for the synergy between the known and the unknown, of which navigation becomes a symbol: emblem of the human drive to tend towards to the absolute.

The recently works of abstract light continues the search of the canvases that combine painting and sculpture, where I want to capture the energy arising from the contact point between tangible and intangible.

The sculptural production of marble and alabaster in combination with metals continues in parallel with works in which the transformation of objects of recovery becomes a means to unveil "other" dimensions within the everyday.

E d u c a t i o n   

Milan, Brera Academy of Fine Arts

2007 - Graduate degree painting address

Cremona, Liceo Artistico Bonifacio Bembo

1997 - Diploma of Artistic High School


S c h o l a r s h i p s    a n d    R e s i d e n c e s

Milan, Fabbrica del Vapore

2015 - Artist Residence c/o Careof

Nice, Villa Arson - Center of Contemporary Art

2003 - Scholarship


Matelica (MC) - Installation sponsored by the EU

2001 - Residence for the enhancement of the historic center of Braccano


S o l o    E x h i b i t i o n s



Le Porte del Mare

Permanent installation

Costa Toscana of Costa Crociere


Living the Light

Open Atelier

Lorenza Cavalli Showroom, Milan

Keep on Sailing

Open Atelier

Lorenza Cavalli Showroom, Milan

Sailing with Time - Tribute to Rolex

Double Solo Exhibitions

Lorenza Cavalli · Shuai Zong

Five Gallery, Lugano


In Limine Arcus

Open Atelier

Lorenza Cavalli Showroom, Milan


Light Up Paradise

Kromya Art Gallery, Lugano



Lux in Vento

MA EC Milan Art & Events Center, Milan



Sacrum Abundantiae

c/o Careof

Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan



Tra Spirito e Materia

Double Solo Exhibitions

Lorenza Cavalli, Georganne Watters

Ex Pharmacy San Filippo Neri, Parma



Double Solo Exhibitions

Lorenza Cavalli, Lorenzo Sala

CortiCircuiti, Milan



Il cielo allo Specchio

Svettini Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan



Eco Sospesa

Svettini Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan



presented by Nautica Editrice

48th Boat Show, Genoa


Ancore Speculum

Rocca Meli Lupi of Soragna, Parma




Yacht Club Milan



Lorenza Cavalli oils on canvas

Il Ponte Auction House, Milan

G r o u p    E x h i b i t i o n s


Il Forte Arte Gallery,

Forte dei Marmi (LU)


PAVIART Modern and Contemporary Art Fair

Gallery Ce.Co.

Sixth Edition, Pavia



Tower of Babel

MA EC Milan Art & Events Center, Milan



Artworks from Italy and Taiwan

Shangahai Italian Center


Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Italian Art

Shanghai Italian Center


17th Shanghai Art Fair

FYR Gallery, Shanghai



Barbara Paci Art Gallery,

Viareggio (LU)

San Giorgio Art Gallery,

Portofino (GE)



MIART Fieramilanocity

Galleria Seno, Milan



Enrico Gallery, Milan



Luce Ombra

Del Barcon Gallery. Milan



Ala Ponzone Civic Museum, Cremona